Mimi Creation was incorporated back in 2013 with merely a few thousand bucks and was initially selling handmade crafts. We started our journey in eCommerce in 2014 with flipkart.com followed by Amazon.in and other leading players and were selling quilling and other craft products. With a few months, we grew up to one of the tier one sellers in the respective category. Launched our brand new store in 2015 with an idea to cater products to the local audience. Finally in 2017 we launched our marketplace so that all craft lovers gets a platform to showcase or sell craft products
mimi creation

What We Are

Mimi Creation is an unique marketplace for all craft lovers to showcase and sell their products. We are also one of the leading seller in leading eCommerce portals. With over 1000 products in multiple categories we are one of the first choice when it comes to shop for crafts goods !

mimi creation

Why We Are

We are one of the first in India to launch an online marketplace for crafts. We offers the best possible quality of our product and ensure quick delivery

mimi creation

Where We Are

Mimi creation has its warehouse and store in the pearl city, Hyderabad. Yeah you heard it right. Its Hyderabad, the city which is known for its culture, tradition, and pearl.

Meet our team

Mimi Kar

Mimi is the founder of Mimi Creation. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science and very keen on travelling and writing blog. She also owns

Rajib Das

Rajib has the role of administrator of this blog and responsible for overall operation, promotion and other key accepts of this venture.